Gun violence due to mental illness?

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Gun violence due to mental illness?

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Mental illness isn't a major risk factor for gun violence, but here's what is
People who have a history of risky or dangerous behavior are far more likely to commit gun violence than a person diagnosed with mental illness. ... e-n1039666

Stop blaming mental illness for mass shootings
It’s about the guns. ... -shootings

Mental illness isn't main driver of mass shootings, experts say ... l-illness/

“Scientific studies consistently blame mass shootings on civilian gun ownership. More guns translate into more mass shootings, not less, whereas the vast majority of people with mental illness are not violent. Only 3%-5% of violent acts are attributed to mental illness, and most don’t involve guns.” ... -know.html

A tiny fraction of gun violence is committed by the mentally ill
Drug and alcohol abuse are much more important factors than, say, schizophrenia. ... al-illness
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Re: Gun violence due to mental illness?

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The only shooters I can think of that were determined to be mentally ill as a "defense" of their actions are Holmes, the CO movie shooter and Hinckley, the Reagan shooter. Chapman (Lennon shooter) was advised by his legal team to plead insanity but he ended up offering the "will of god" as his defense. Significantly, in my opinion, two of those three only shot one person. This means that statistically, the GOP delusion that mass shootings are primarily, or even tangentially, related to mental issues is just not true.

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