How to Safely Grocery Shop During Coronavirus Shelter in Place

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How to Safely Grocery Shop During Coronavirus Shelter in Place

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Some good advice, offered as a public service:

How to Safely Grocery Shop During Coronavirus Shelter in Place
Keep in mind, public health officials have found no documented cases of COVID-19 transmission from food or food packaging. The exposure risks from grocery shopping are largely from getting too close to other shoppers or touching surfaces — like door handles or shopping carts — that many other people touch.

While lines outside grocery stores are a drag, they also indicate that management is taking the risk seriously and is managing capacity to ensure it doesn't get too crowded. That's a good thing and will make you safer when you shop. If a store isn't staggering entrances, it may not be the best choice for your shopping expedition.

Here's the latest guidance:

Follow social distancing rules. Keep 6 feet between yourself and other shoppers at all times.

Wear a mask or face covering when in public (this is a recent recommendation from the Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention as of April 3). A bandana, scarf or homemade mask is enough.

Use sterile wipes to sanitize the handle of the shopping cart, and generally be careful not to touch your face while shopping.

Wash your hands before and after shopping, as well as before and after cooking.

Some people are concerned about the virus persisting on the surfaces of food brought home from the grocery store. That is possible, but unlikely. Check out this video for some tips on how to sanitize food brought into the home if you’d like to be extra safe.

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