Be a strong person

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Be a strong person

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Be a strong person, learn to face it calmly, experience it bravely, sweet and bitter, all kinds of tastes, forget the people and things that have passed away. If you can’t have it, know how to give up, and don’t touch it, learn to hide it. Rather than indulge in the past, it is better to bathe in a sunny day, throw away sorrow and loneliness, get rid of helplessness and indifference, no longer afraid of the unknown, and not blindly confused.

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Re: Be a strong person

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That would be a good narrative in attempting to persuade gullible trump cult members to abandon their worship of lies and fear and hate. But I just don't think it's strong enough. It needs some ShamWow profanity to make them really sit up and take notice. Re write it with a handful of references to "this goddamn lunacy" having gone "too fucking far" and how it's long past time for these "gullible shit for brains morons" to stop "gushing in awe over every lie the fascist buffoon utters." Or something like that. You're welcome.

Edit; should you reject the sage advice above, this same swill can be used verbatim as the narrative for a sunny day video of attractive people as the selling points for a new drug that has minimal side effects. And if you "can't have it" just get better insurance.

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