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Since we have an Animals topic, and since not all nature posts are about conservation (tree hugging).
These Gorgeous Eucalyptus Trees Create a Rainbow Effect as Bark Peels


... Eucalyptus deglupta trees, also known as "rainbow trees" or "Mindanao gum trees," are tropical evergreens known for their colorful, rainbow-like bark. Every season, these trees shed their old rinds, revealing a new variegated layer of oranges, blues, and greens. It's magical, not to mention beautiful, especially since the tree's shelling will never look exactly the same over the years.

The large evergreens (which can grow up to 250 feet tall) commonly grow in tropical forests in the Philippines, New Guinea, and Indonesia where sunlight and rainfall are ample. However, they can grow in certain parts of the United States with similar conditions, too. Eucalyptus deglupta trees have been spotted in Hawaii and the southern parts of California, Texas, and Florida. However, as the U.S., is not the tree's native environment (and the ones here were planted by seeds brought from other parts of the world), they typically only reach heights of 100 to 125 feet.

Want to find some on your own? The warmer the region, the better your chance of locating one of these brilliant barks. Users on Instagram who shared photos of the trees tagged their locations in Maui and Waimea Valley, Hawaii; Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg, Florida; Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida; as well as in parts of the South Bay region of California. Next time we’re in those areas, we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for any rainbow eucalyptus trees.

That's gay ;) .
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Re: Plants

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I'd like to do some mild or even heavy psychedelics and sit with those trees. Might even try to walk up the side of one once things got going for me.

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