Who pays for Trump's tariffs?

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Who pays for Trump's tariffs?

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https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/ap ... rs-report/


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Re: Who pays for Trump's tariffs?

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But wait. One of trump's favorite lies, which he's told dozens of times, is that "billions of dollars are flowing into the US Treasury" from China because of his tariffs. And apparently a lot of the cult members and gullible fools actually believe this. The GOP has for decades preached the virtue of free trade and the infallibility of free market forces along with an extreme aversion to any sort of governmental regulation or interference in those markets and economic forces.......except when they're not; like now, with the tariffs (free trade means "no tariffs') or the omnipotent nature of "market forces" (except when those market forces collude to result in no demand for the US supply of agricultural products due to the tariffs China imposed as a result of the ones trump imposed) and now the "socialist" aspect of the government payouts to US farmers that have had the market for their products destroyed by GOP policy. So, the GOP is now violating EVERY tenet of their long held economic policy. I don't trust these GOP types......too fickle, too easily swayed by bullshit cults, too dismissive of reality and sanity.

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