Armed teachers and school security

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Armed teachers and school security

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Accidental shootings raise questions about arming teachers

Arming Teachers Introduces New Risks Into Schools
The American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association decidedly oppose allowing guns in schools.

Five Concerns About Armed Guards in Schools

Armed campus police do not prevent school shootings, research shows
Multiple studies have found no association between the presence of armed officers in schools and the deterrence of violence.

My opinions

Say there are one or more guards in each school and say they're a perfect deterrent. Kid killers will just pick drop-offs and pick-ups, buses, parks, rec centers, Sunday school, whatever, instead. No child lives will be saved.

Around 20 kids per year on average are killed in our schools (dated figure) and it would cost $5-15 billion per year for armed guards in every school. Say that it was 100% effective in preventing school deaths, which it won't be - Columbine and Virginia Tech had armed guards - that would be $250-750 million per life saved. Only cretins and NRA dupes are unable to think of several ways to save more students' lives for that kind of money. Gunhuggers - way more liberal with our taxpayer dollars than any liberal. Are gunhuggers volunteering to pay more in taxes or hold bake sales?

4,600 youth suicide each year - 2000 with guns - 5000 are murdered and 1700 die from neglect or abuse (dated figures). Obviously, spending the money on comprehensive youth suicide, murder and neglect prevention programs would save far more lives.

The biggest beneficiaries of placing armed security in every school will be the gun manufacturers. Funny that. No wonder the ammosexuals have been duped into believing that it's a reasonable alternative to gun control. Fat cats have spent lots of money to make them their puppets.

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