What about recent elections?

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What about recent elections?

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A poor Dem candidate won the popular vote by 3 million and BARELY lost the EC by 77K votes across 3 key states, while the GOP needed dark money, campaign finance felonies massive voter suppression and Russian help to win.
A total of 11 million more voters chose someone other than Trump.
The Dems GAINED US House and Senate seats.

The Dems creamed the GOP in VA. Virginia 2017 predicted the GOP getting crushed in 2018.
The Dems picked up an AL Senate seat, AL!
The Dems won EVERY tossup race.
The Dems won most special elections.

The Dems won big in the US House.
The Dems should have lost more US Senate seats given how many seats they were defending. Their very few losses made zero difference since the GOP already had a majority.
The Dems won many governorships and legislatures.
The Dems won EVERY tossup race.
The Dems won most special elections.

The Dems creamed the GOP in VA, KY and LA.

I think I see a pattern.
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