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A place to find quick links to facts that support reality. Good for ending debates quickly, especially repeated debates.

Not intended as a place for discussion.
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About this subforum

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About this Just the Facts & Not the Alternative Facts subforum, as I see it:
Vrede too wrote:
Sun Mar 08, 2020 11:02 am
It's intended to be a repository of accessible, sourced, factual info for use in arguments elsewhere, not as a place for debate. Though it hasn't happened a lot - the Steele dossier threads are an example - contradictory sourcing is certainly appropriate. It's the opinion sharing that's more suited for the regular forum. This is not enforced, and you can see that some small amount of discussion does go on (here).

In the beginning it was hoped by banni that it might draw people in that googled a relevant query, but that doesn't seem to have occurred.