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PC Keyboards

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Back in the day, most all home computer keyboards had to be plugged in to the main system to work.

But over the past 10 years or more, cordless keyboards (and mice) have seemed to become not only more available but more affordable.

My last one lasted maybe five years, before it finally refused to work properly. Something like outputting the wrong letters. So I got a new one about six months ago, and it's been fine. Except for today, when it refused to work. Turns out the little AAA batteries that come with it had died. Luckily I had some alkaline spares and it's all functional again. But what I noticed is that one of the reasons why the keyboard died was probably because the batteries are a bit undersized. The thing easily could have fit some AA size batteries, which probably carry twice as much charge. And last twice as long. I'll see how long these replacements last.

I like this keyboard, a Logitech K850, more than the last one. And not only because it outputs the right characters. Also because it's not a flat one, but rather has a curve to it which is much more comfortable. The associated mouse is nice as well, although I find I don't often need the extra buttons (two on the left side!). For a mouse, cordless makes a lot of sense. For a keyboard, not as much sense, but whatever.

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