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(5' 4") 16-Year-Old Speeds Towards Her First Buzzer | American Ninja Warrior Women's Championship

Edit: Advances to Stage 4 (stage 3 is a paired climbing race, considered part of Stage 4).
Edit: Advances to Championship.

Also completed Stage 1:
Isabella Wakeham, 19, 5' 5". Edit: Did not advance to Stage 4. :(
Jesse “Flex” Labreck, 33, 5' 7½". Edit: Advances to Stage 4.

6 advance.

Completed Stage 2, only one to do so:
Katie Bone, 16, 5' 2" shortest in the competition.
Edit: Advances to Championship (same paired climbing race). The two 16-year-old kids rule!

4th and final advance to Stage 4:
Abby Clarke, 28, 5' 3".

Winner: Katie Bone!

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Re: Ninja

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Katie Bone is a beast. She scooted up that last tower literally like a monkey and probably faster than most people could all-four scramble on level ground. Pretty amazing that two 16-year olds would be competing for the championship.

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